Donny King is a 16 year old kid who enjoys all things nerdy. He’s always felt like an outsider, constantly bullied in school. Comic books, video games, anime, to him are simple escapes to the reality he lives in. His older brother Kyle is the complete opposite. Kyle is 18 years old and a varsity football star. He’s attractive, fit, and extremely popular.

One day Kyle witnesses Donny being abused by bullies and steps in to protect him. During the encounter, Donny closes his eyes and makes a wish. Lights flash and the two brothers are knocked unconscious. They wake up to find themselves in a world that is straight out of Donny’s imagination. Where all the common nerdy tropes exist from the various media. Monsters that take 3 hits in a weak spot to kill, busty anime woman wearing barely anything and calling it armor, villains that monolog and reveal their evil plans. It’s all suddenly a reality for the brothers who must now find their way back home.


We have been working on a couple sample animatics that showcase the feel of the show from the character interaction, humor, and general plot of the show. You can check out samples of these below: